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Starting the New Year Pest Free in 2013

Posted on January 28, 2013

Whether you run a Bay Area eatery or own a home in San Jose, in an ideal world, you’d like your 2013 to be as pest free as possible. Who needs mosquitoes nipping at your kids while they sleep, ticks infesting your pets, carpenter ants dancing on your wood floors, and mice and other nasties burrowing through your walls and spreading disease? No one does!

To create a pest free environment, first take stock of your risks and vulnerabilities. What pests pestered you in 2012? If you own a restaurant, perhaps rodents and stray cats broke into your kitchen or larder. If you run a farm in the outskirts of suburban Sacramento, maybe carpenter ants chewed up your deck or mosquitoes bit your kids. You can’t protect against all pests simultaneously without spending way more than you need to spend. So choose your battles.

Unfortunately, your quick survey may not reveal the extent or nature of your threats.

For instance, you may not even be aware of a termite issue that’s creating structural integrity problems at your barn. To that end, consider calling a pest control company, like Matrix PE, to audit your building or property to ensure that everything is in ship shape.

Different pests require different prevention/extermination methods.

If you have a mosquito problem, for instance, you want to eliminate potential breeding grounds, such as dirty gunky gutters, standing water, piles of mulched up leaves, and overgrown yard grass.

Ants, on the other hand, tend to cluster in firewood, wood siding, tree branches, and water damaged wood floors and wood structures.
During the winter months, water can freeze inside of wood, cracking the structure, and creating perfect breeding grounds fortermites.

To deal with mice, seal up entrances to your garage, trim plants and vegetation on your property, and perhaps leverage the services of a neighborhood cat or two.

No need to diagnose or fix the problem yourself

Odds are, you lead a busy life. You just want to run your business and live your life without worrying needlessly about pests. Connect with the team here at Matrix Pest Elimination to eliminate any problems and ensure that your 2013 is clean and wonderful and safe.

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