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California Pesticide Regulations – 17 Pesticides Restricted by New Regulations

Posted on December 4, 2012

Attention Bay Area homeowners and business owners: the Golden State recently rolled out new regulations on pesticides that restrict the use of 17 common chemicals.

The Bay Area Storm Water Management Agencies Association ( and other environmental groups are trying to spread the word about these regulations. Whether you want to chemically “smoke out” mosquitoes from your yard to stop those annoying bites (and allay your spouse’s fears of West Nile virus) or rid your commercial kitchen of a pesky infestation, be sure that your Bay Area pest control company knows and understands these new regulations.

Regulations Designed to Protect Bay Area Water Supply and Drainage System

Environmental groups have long fretted that perimeter pesticide spraying can indirectly taint public water quality. The new California regulations will limit the quantity of perimeter spraying that can be done and stop pest control companies from spraying pesticides during rain, since rainwater can transfer harsh chemicals to the drainage system.

Not Just a Concern for Your Pest Control Company — You Can Be Held Responsible

As a business owner, homeowner, or landowner, you can be liable for damages caused by pollution leaching from your property or building structures. California’s environmental regulations are ferociously complicated and stringent. It behooves you to avoid even the hint of impropriety and to follow best practices closely.

The team here at Matrix PE is well versed on all the latest updates to California’s pesticide regulations. We’ve won renowned for our environmentally safe and mindful practices. Whether you’re dealing with a complicated infestation at a condominium complex, or you’re laser focused on eliminating pests from a restaurant or coffee shop kitchen, get in touch with us today to go over your options and find the most cost-effective and strategic solution.

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